Why am I still single?

Why am I still single?

All your friends can’t go to Friday’s girls’ night out because they called and said they suddenly contracted the flu. The weird thing is that they all caught the same bug and it at the same time when really the truth is they bailed on you to cuddle with their guys in front of the fire sharing a mug of hot cocoa. So you ended up sitting alone in your apartment knitting a third set of booties for one of your 6 cats, contemplating the question “Why am I still single?” This article will help you shed light on this very serious matter of womanhood.

1. Over-confidence may have ruined your chances for people to like you. Keep your cockiness down a notch or two. People may think you’re a misanthrope, a misandrist or a person dying of a terminal disease in the brain. Learn to take people in.

2. You are too focused on finding a man yet disregarding your own happiness. You’re so hell bent on finding the right man that you didn’t even notice you’re compromising your purpose in life which is happiness. Learn to appreciate the little things in life.

3. Don’t be too picky with people. Don’t set you’re standards up too high. The possibility of you finding your own Ryan Gosling is maybe 1 to ten.

4. Sometimes you are unsure if you want to be committed or not. You are may be terrified of the concept of commitment. It takes a lot of courage to take on a responsibility such as this but if you could just turn off your analytical switch for awhile imagine all the possibilities.

5. You think you’re not pretty enough. Every person is different. God made each of us unique. Love your imperfections. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths. Be confident in your own skin. It may take a while but eventually you’ll get there.

6. Your fashion-sense may have a problem. Look in the mirror or ask the most honest person you can find. Dress your age, wear something that screams “I’m single, sexy and boy I am so ready to mingle!”

7. Too much negativity. Not much people know this but our minds affect how other people respond to us. Think positive! Smile a lot and love life. A tinie tiny upside down frown can change your whole day and even your whole life.

8. Wait. If you can’t find him now maybe it’s not yet time. You may not believe in destiny, serendipity, fate and all that crap but there’s nothing wrong in believing in it too. Sit tight and enjoy the life in front of you. Who knows he might just be hiding around the corner.
why i am single

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