The Waterfall Twist


This Waterfall Twist is a variation of the Waterfall Braid. Instead of three sections there are two sections from the front and the loose waterfall sections just travel between the two twisting pieces without combining with the actual braid at all.

1. Start by brushing all your hair through to remove any knots and catches. Then take a large section on the right hand side. Split this into two and twist the top section around the bottom section.

2. Take a section of hair from above the twist and place it between the two twisting pieces. It doesn’t connect, it just goes straight through.

Tip: Be sure the sections you add to come through the twist are the same size.

If the falling sections are different sizes, the braid won’t be uniform and will look uneven as it travels around your head.

3. Twist the two original pieces. Take another section from above two twisting pieces and place it through again. Twist the two sections again and so on. You should get about three to four sections on each side.

4. When you reach around the back of your head, twist the two sections around again and weave a bobby pin through to secure the braid to the back of your head.

5. Repeat on the other side.

Tip: As you’re not really adding in any hair to this braid other than the two original sections, make sure you take a large enough section to twist. If the section is too small, you won’t be able to see the twist through your hair.

6. On the left side of your head, keep twisting and adding sections to fall through the twist. When you reach the back of your head where the right braid finishes, add one more section through, twist together and pin in place underneath.

Tip: When you pin the hair at the back of your head, you may want to just tease the hair a little and weave the bobby pin through so that it holds.

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