The Polka Dot Pigtails

Oct 15th, 2013Hair6 responses


How to:

I’ve used a large rectangular scarf for this style. If you have a square scarf, fold on the diagonal into about a two-inch wide piece to make this work.

1. Start by placing the scarf around the back of your neck, bringing it up like a headband. Twist it round to for a turban style knot.

2. Bring the ends of your scarf down on either side and make sure they’re about the same length as your hair.

3. Loosely part your hair in two and secure one side with a hair elastic so you can keep the tension in the scarf and so that the knot won’t move as you do the first braid.

4. The scarf will form one of the three sections of the regular braid. Split the rest of your hair into two and use the scarf as the centre section. Then just do a regular braid.

5. Repeat on the other side and secure with a clear elastic.


If your hair is very long, you may not need to put the scarf around the back of your head to do the first headband piece. You could just tie a turban style knot in the centre and have the scarf trail down on either side as part of the pigtails.

Pigtails not your thing? This style looks gorgeous with the braids pinned up behind.

Fold the braid up, tucking the ends under and pin in place. Pin the second braid over the top of the first for a beautiful braided up-do.

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