The Loose French Braid


How to:

1. This is a French braid that starts on your right temple and finishes at the nape of your neck on the left side.

2. Start by brushing all your hair back to remove any knots and making a side part on the right.

3. Take a section of hair and split into three, crossing over into a French braid and adding in very large sections.

4. Gather all your hair and finish in a regular braid on the left hand side.

5. Stretch out your braid to make it look as thick as possible.

6. Roll the end of the regular braid under and pin in place underneath.

Tip: this style looks best in straight hair. You can see it in curly hair on page

76. It still works in curly hair but the style does look best with a smoother



You could try this style with a very detailed small braid or a French fishtail braid would look amazing.

If your hair is very long, and you can’t roll and tuck it underneath, finish in a side braid or side ponytail.

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