The French Side Sweep Braid


            How to:

            1. Start by making a deep side part and brushing all your hair down so it’s smooth.

            2. Take a one to two inch section on the right hand side and split it into three just level with your right ear.

            3. Add in hair from the top and the bottom as you French braid across the back of your head. As you can see from the picture, you stop the braid just on the left side of your neck and secure the braided section with a hair elastic into a small ponytail.

            4. Take a piece of loose hair and guide that over the ponytail holder. You can use a bobby pin to hold that section in place to make sure you hide the ponytail.

            5. Sweep the rest of your hair together over your left shoulder.

            Tip: This is a great alternative to doing a side ponytail. It looks great if you want to keep all your hair side-swept and especially if you’re wearing a one-shouldered dress.


            This style looks great with straight or curly hair. Here, I’ve curled my hair and brushed it out to these soft waves before braiding. You could leave your hair straight, make it curlier, or just leave it with your natural texture.


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