The French Fishtail Side Braid


            How to:

            1. Make a deep side part in your hair on the right side.

            2. Take a one inch section of hair upwards from your part and angle it toward your left ear.

            3. Split the section into two and start to fishtail braid. Full tutorial for fishtail braids is on page 12.

            4. To French braid a fishtail braid, simply add in small sections of hair from each side as you go.

            Tip: You may find it easier to section off all the hair you want to braid at the front. Use a clip to keep the rest of your hair out of the way.

            5. Once you reach just above your left ear, stop adding in hair and continue to fishtail braid your hair. Finish the braid with a tiny clear elastic.

            6. Gently pull at the sides of the fishtail braid to loosen it.

            Tip: Fishtail braids don’t need to be perfect. Don’t worry about being too neat as they look better when they are loose and messy.


            You can use a curling iron to add some curls or waves to your hair. You can add your fringe / bangs into this braid too.

            Turn this into a side ponytail hairstyle:

            1. Gather all your loose hair into a ponytail below your left ear.

            2. Wrap the fishtail braid over and around your ponytail.

            3. Pin in place with bobby pins underneath to secure it.



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