The Double Waterfall Braided Upstyle


            How to:

            1. This braid starts with a waterfall braid (see Day 2 for full instructions or

            Braid Basics – the Waterfall Braid for full details).

            2. Start by doing a waterfall braid from the left side horizontally across until you reach your part on the right side and finish in a regular braid (as in

            Day 2).

            3. Next, starting on the left hand side, do a French braid across the nape of your neck.

            4. Start by taking a section on the left and splitting it into three. As you braid, take in the loose pieces from the waterfall braid to make it look like the French braid below connects with the waterfall braid above.

            Tip: Don’t worry if you don’t get it exactly right. You can see I missed a piece. It’s hard to see when you’re doing your own hair.

            5. French braid left to right along the nape of your neck and when you reach your right ear, finish braiding the rest of your hair in a regular braid.

            6. Twist the regular braid up and around behind your right ear and pin in a flat bun.


            If you have a fringe or bangs, you can leave these loose or you can include them in the initial waterfall braid.

            If your hair is too long to pin up into a bun, finish this style in a side braid. It would also look lovely finished in a side ponytail too.


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