Foods that Make Up a Balanced Diet

Foods that Make Up a Balanced Diet Foods that Make Up a Balanced Diet

Your body needs certain essential nutrients in order to function properly. Healthy eating means eating a balanced diet that consists of a variety of foods in the right quantities to provide your body with these essential nutrients. A balanced diet is a nutritional lifestyle that helps promote better health. There is a lot of medical research to show that we need 40 nutrients in order to stay healthy and active. It makes no sense to think that we can get all 40 nutrients from a single food. So a balanced diet must contain a variety of foods to provide you with all 40 nutrients.

Five Food Groups for a Balanced Diet

According to nutritionists there are five major food groups that make up a healthy and balanced diet.

Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the wisest healthy eating habits you can adopt, and should be the cornerstone of your balanced diet. Your body requires fiber, minerals, and vitamins in order to function properly, and fruits and vegetables are rich in these nutrients. Various scientific studies have revealed that a good intake of fruits and vegetables helps prevent the body from developing a variety of dangerous diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Most health experts recommend consuming at least five portions of vegetables and fruits daily. Add supplements to your daily life, such as Vitamin power to improve the overall health of your body.


Your body requires protein in order to build or repair tissues. Protein comes from foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, soy, and fish. Health experts recommend that 20% of your nutritional intake should consist of protein.

Whole Grains

Experts recommend that we eat three ounces of whole grains daily. Whole grains provide your body with minerals, vitamins, and fiber. You should eat breads, cereals, and pastas that are unrefined and made of 100% whole grain.

Dairy Products

Some people think that eating dairy products causes an increase in weight, but this is not the case. The important thing is to keep an eye on the fat content of the dairy products that you consume. Dairy products such as milk,  yogurt and cottage cheese are important in order to keep your bones strong.


Legumes are quite helpful in preventing a number of diseases, such as heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. In order to stay healthy you should include soy, lentils, clovers, and beans in your daily diet.

Sticking to a healthy eating plan is a lifestyle choice that you will never regret.

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