DIY Butterfly manicure

Summer was vibrant with the French manicure and buzzing bold nail polish colors. As the fall transitioned, so did the tone glazes and nail art designs such as Minx. But for this winter season, the nail art trend is all about new techniques and a whole lot of party nail designs. The first and only gel nail polish that does not require to be cured under UV or LED lamp and sets in 5 minutes. The gel nail manicures you get at the salon are time consuming as well as expensive however these UV free gel colors nail care is a revolutionary product which all ladies are going to love. The best part of these gel nail kits, perfect UV free gel colors is that you don’t have to dip your nails in acetone for 15 minutes for removing the color neither you have to go to salon for the costly affair. All what you need is to get yourself this not so expensive kit and color your nails which would be rock solid in 5 minutes and would also give patent leather finish and shine.

butterfly mNICURE

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