Classic Elegance hairstyle

Apr 6th, 2014Hair4 responses

1. Begin by sectioning off BOTH sides of hair, starting by the ear all the way up to your center part, and clip away.
2. Tie up remaining hair in the back into a LOW ponytail.

3. Split ponytail into 2 pieces, for the purpose of this tutorial, we will call them the TOP half piece and the BOTTOM half piece.

4. CLIP away the BOTTOM half piece to the side to get it out of your way.

5. TEASE the TOP half piece that is remaining (if you have a lot of hair, then you may need to tease it in sections).

6. Release the BOTTOM half piece you had clipped off to the side and let it hang, then ADD the TOP section you completed teasing on top.

7. Now that you have joined both TOP and BOTTOM sections back together, SMOOTH the underside of your ponytail, spraying any fly-aways to keep the look clean.

8. Collect all the hair and gently begin rolling upwards, hiding the tease in the roll and pin with large bobby pins to secure.

9. Once rolled and secured into place, gently TUG and PULL the roll stretching it out to cover the sides of the head, and pin each side with bobby pins to secure.

10. Release the LEFT sectioned side piece from Step 1, and carefully LAY over and across and the top of the roll.

11. Repeat Step 10 using the RIGHT sectioned piece.

12. TWIST the 2 hanging pieces from the left and right sections together, hiding and concealing it underneath the bun using bobby pins.

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