Dec 23rd, 2012





Brangelina goes on Romantic Spree in English Cottage

Celebrity Super Couple “Branjelina” were seen taking some time off from their kids to spend alone some moments. They were reportedly enjoying each other’s company and were on a romance spree in the English countryside.
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, who is raising six children, went in to a hotel for spending some quality time alone in each other’s arms only. Apparently, they had a romantic dinner together at the restaurant along with red wine. They dressed themselves like if they really wanted to impress each other by looking good.
After having the dinner the duo went to the Dower House where brad was seen accompanying Jolie up to the Bedroom. Dower House is a private two storey three bedroom cottage on hotel’s ground floors. Once again the celebrity couple was noticed early in morning and it appeared as if they had just rolled out of the bed after a good make-out session. It was very good-looking and cute.
Pitt and Jolie, who were engaged to each other earlier this year, are still unsure that when they will be exchanging wedding vows.


Kristen Stewart desperate to help Sandy Victims

Kristen Stewart just returned from NYC where she was busy supporting the victims of Hurricane Sandy. She now hopes to do the same with those suffering in Newtown, Conn.
A friend of Kristen’s tells exclusively, “Kristen is just horrified over what happened in Newtown. She really wants to help the families and teachers and show her support.”
“She plans on making a donation and jumping on the bandwagon for stricter gun laws,” said the friend.
As recently reported, Kristen participated in 12.12.12: The Concert for Sandy Relief, where she urged viewers to lend a hand and support all those suffering. The actress then went on to donate the gorgeous gown she wore to her Los Angeles Breaking Dawn: Part 2 premiere in November to the Robin Hood Foundation, which, in turn, will auction the dress. The money raised will go to the Hurricane Sandy victims.
Kristen’s friend says, “It was Kristen’s idea to donate her red carpet dress to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund. She has a huge heart and helping others is important to her. She feels really fortunate that she is in a position to help so many people and will continue to do as much as she can.”



Lindsay Lohan Apologizes and Thanks Close Pal Charlie Sheen

Lindsay Lohan, ultimately at last thanked her friend Charlie Sheen who helped her by giving $100,000, so that she can pay her remaining taxes.
And LiLo found a very unique way of thanking her dear friend.
According to reports, Sheen came to Lohan’s rescue several weeks ago when he gave her a check worth $100,000 and Lohan expressed her feeling of thankfulness towards the “Anger Management” superstar by sending in flowers and a very sweet apology note. She did it after several weeks of receiving the check.
Both Sheen and Lohan became pals on the set of their movie, “Scary Movie 5” and there Lohan informed Sheen about her large debts. After listening to her problems there, sheen decided to help her out from this critical situation and handed over a check to her in hope of getting a text of ‘Thank You’ at least.
LiLo is surrounded by several problems from all around. Furthermore, her probation period was suspended because she lied to the police about a car accident. The month of January will tell whether she will have to go to prison or survive.


White Out, Zimmer In Verbinski & Depp’s “The Lone Ranger”

Johnny Depp felt amazed when Rocker Jack White opted out from composing the music for Depp’s upcoming movie The Lone Ranger citing date issues and scheduling conflicts.
The former star of White Stripes was signed on to compose music by Director Gore Verbinski’s film, but now Academy Award Winner Hans Zimmer has occupied his place.
In a recent made announcement on Friday, Disney bosses declared that Jack White who had contributed a lot to the production has backed out from composing the music for their film due to the change in film’s release date which is as of July 2013.
It was announced that Hans Zimmer will take his place and compose the music for The Lone Ranger.
Zimmer had also worked previously with both Depp and Verbinski on their legendary movie series Pirates of the Caribbean.