make-up1Killing eyes

The trend and passion of  make-up has always been so much in women. A woman always wants to have a best and most stunning  looks, so every eye should will be on  her in any function or party. With the passing of the days and time, the ways of doing make-up are also increasing. And […]

hello-kitty-design1Nail Care Tips for Women

Most women love to have nail polish on their nail. And very often they choice dark colored nail polish and find that their nails are discoloring. So to avoid this situation you can apply a coat as a base. As well as, you can apply a coat on the top so that color of nail […]

Lipstick-Collection1Ka’oir Lipstick Collection


bridal-makeup-tips1Essential Tips for Bridal Makeup

Indeed, wedding day is the most precious & awaited day that can come in a girl’s life. It is certainly the dream of every girl to appear her best during her wedding. She wants to be the center of attraction of everyone present, and especially her hubby. Dressing right is one factor to capture the […]

makeup-basics1Make-up Basics

THE MAKEUP BASICS To start the make-up ritual, the first step is to prepare the canvas. Smoothen out your face by washing your face and moisturizing your skin. With this, make-up will be easier to blend. Keep your pores clean through using a gentle cleanser twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening. The […]

smokey-eye-look1The Smoky Eye Effect

THE SMOKY EYES EFFECT Smoky eyes are especially popular to women as a classic party make-up look. Compared to any other defined style, it gives the wearer more freedom to experiment with her look. It changes the face dramatically and transforms anyone from a simple girl into a stylish fashionista. Color The secret to get […]

red-lips12013 Make-up Trends

2013 MAKE-UP TRENDS Make-up has been part of humankind since the ancient times. During the early years, burnt matches are used by women to highlight their eyes; berries are used to stain their lips; and they follow misguided folklores just to improve their complexions. Throughout the history, most women risk their safety by using homemade […]

kitsy-lans-and-she-by-shere-300x2801Eye Makeup Designs

If you are like me and don’t have the time to do all these fancy designs. You can get the similar look here. Its the new trendy stick on Vintage Eye Shadow Sticker Smokey Eyes Sticker. It may not be exactly the same. But its worth a try if you looking for similar eye effect. […]

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens

Healthy Eating Tips for Teens Healthy eating is of paramount importance, especially during the teenage years when a person is growing and developing. The habits that are developed as a teenager are hard to break, so it is crucial to develop good habits at this stage of one’s life. As a parent, it is your […]

Carine Roitfeld Vouching for Tired Sexy Eyes with her new Makeup Collection

While it’s still some time left for the fashion and beauty lovers to view the Carine Roitfeld’s new magazine, we bring you some of the highlights of her other new projects like her MAC makeup collection. It proves true to the expectation as it is assembled with heavy Smokey eye ingredients and it is comparatively […]

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