598425_380084292114229_1487998512_n1Evening Makeup

1. Cleanse and moisturize the skin. Always begin with a fresh canvas. Makeup will look and last better if the face is free from dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils. 2. It is equally important to highlight and contour facial features. You will want to add highlight to areas that stand out such as […]

1073885_388698844586107_1151236245_o1Awesome makeup

Awesome Before and After!!!

15971_223693597781573_1694607018_n1Glitter smokey eye

Tightline-Eyes1How to Tightline Eyes

How to Tightline Eyes Tightlining your eyes or ‘invisible eye liner’ is easy to do. It is a great way to add definition to your eyes without going full on raccoon. Instead of lining the skin above your lashes you will be lining between the lash line. It will give an illusion of fuller and […]

multi-coloured-eye-makeup1Smoky Eye Tips for Blue Eyes

Smoky Eye Tutorial for Blue Eyes Going out for the night? The best eye makeup a blue-eyed babe like you can wear is a great smoky eye. Here are 5 easy tips for you to have that perfect smoky eye that would guarantee head turning. 1st Tip The common errors girls do when they have […]

makeup-tuturiol1DIY Double-Winged Liner

How-To: Double-Winged Liner You’ve seen them on celebs, notably Kim Kardashian has taken a liking to wearing this double-winged eyeliner both off and on the red carpet. Recreating this trend requires a lot of steady-hand action and patience. What you’ll need: • Eye shadow primer • Eye shadows in: light pink, yellow, purple, bright pink, […]

makeup-set110 MYO Ultra Bright Set

PURCHASE BELOW!! (You must prep your eyelids with a base primer before applying pigment.) (Jar Size Diameter: 31 mm/1.2 inch Height: 16.5 mm/0.6) 10 New MYO Ultra Bright Limited Edition Color Set Eyeshadow Pigment. Each eyeshadow comes packed in clear 3 gram jars. Prep your eyelids with a base primer before applying pigment. This set […]

538359_444946298909844_2012831492_n1Glowing Look

1011924_488619021209238_1582081826_n1DIY Make-up Pic Tutorial

1002097_621868907838150_149350587_n1How To Apply Smokey Eye Makeup

Brown smokey eye is great for pale-skinned girls too. Another celebrity loyal to this eye makeup is Alexa Chung, famous for her understated sense of style. While attending the Burberry Spring 2011 fashion show she complemented her well blended brown smokey eyes with coral-tinged mouth and blush. This color combination made Alexa look radiant and […]

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