How to: This simple bun hairstyle changes with the addition of a lower. It would look so different with a diamonte brooch, or a scarf. What accessorycould you use in this hairstyle? Brush all your hair back into a side ponytail and secure with an elastic. Backcomb your ponytail to make it seem like your […]

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How to: This hairstyle looks best with a bit of curl so start by blowdrying your hairwith a round brush to create volume and licks at the end, or use a curling wand. If your hair is naturally curly head to step 2. Using the same technique as for “HowtowearaheadscarflikeBlakeLively”, use the Twist & Pin […]

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How to: This style works well with some curl in your hair. If your hair is straight youmay want to curl the ends with a curling iron before you begin. Start by creating a deep side part. Gently brush or pull your hair back into a low pontail at the nape of yourneck. Twist your […]

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feather-hair-1How To Feather Extensions

How To Beauty: Feather Extensions Want to try the boho indie hippie look but you don’t know where to start? Start with your hair first and what better way to channel your inner Bohemian goddess than to have wear feather extensions? They are so easy to put on that you can even do them yourself. […]

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diy_ombre1DIY dry ombre how to

DIY dry ombre how to Ombre dress, ombre nails, ombre shorts, ombre hair. It’s wide wide ombre world. Colored ombre hair is the way to go this summer. It’s fun and colorful so why not try it? Bleach Ends To start with brush a small amount of bleach in about one-inch at the ends of […]

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keep-hair-shinny1How to keep Hair from Falling Flat

How to keep Hair from Falling Flat Having flat hair can be a major bummer especially when you have fine hair cause it usually falls flat and limp. So if you are tired of your dull limp locks, read up because this will guarantee sexy voluminous hair after. • Choose a lighter conditioner. • Find […]

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PIG_PAILS1Fishtail braids

INSTRUCTIONS HERE 1. Brush out your hair using a prong-style hairbrush. It will remove any tangles. 2. Divide your hair into two sections using a comb. Hold one section in each of your hands. 3. Separate out a small amount of hair from the outer edge of the section in your right hand, and fold […]

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2013_Hair_trends1Womens Hair Trends for 2013

Your hair is your crowning glory; it is one of the essentials in looking good. Because no matter what you wear, or what your accessories are, if your hairstyle is not up to date, then you won’t rock every party you are attending. 2013 hair style revolves around ponytails and braids. Using the correct accessories, […]

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