flat-irom-braids1DIY hair waves

Flat-iron your braids to create long-lasting waves.

Oct 10th, 2013Hair20 responses


How to: Have lots of bobby pins and fringe pins handy for this style! Depending on your hair texture you may need a foam roller to wrap your hair around andpin inside the curl. Start by gently twisting your hair round on the left from your temple. Ihave left my fringe (bangs) out, but you […]

Oct 8th, 2013Hair6 responses


How to: This is a little more advanced, but it is worth the effort. If you’re not verygood at braiding, get someone to help you. Clip up the top section of your hair out of the way. Brush your hair and put your head upside down. Take a section of hair from the nape of […]

Oct 7th, 2013Hairone response


How to: This is a fun braided twist on a high bun. Brush all your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Leave a piece of hair from your ponytail free to cover the elastic, butwait to do that at the end. Split your ponytail into three sections and braid it. Secure […]

Oct 7th, 2013Hair2 responses


How to: Twist your hair back from your hairline on the left side, and keep addingin to the twist. Use bobby pins or fringe pins to hold in place. Holding the twist in your left hand at your neck, use your right hand tosweep all your hair over. Whilst holding all your hair in your […]

Oct 4th, 2013Hair3 responses

imageThe Messy Twist

How to: Add in volume on the crown by gently backcombing your hair. Brush your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Twist the ponytail and lip it up creating a French roll. Leave the ends free at the top and pin the twist in place. The inis should be relaxed and […]

Oct 3rd, 2013Hair2 responses


How to: Brush your hair and leave your fringe (bangs) loose (if you have a fringe,that is). Take a small section of hair above your left ear, split into three and makea basic braid. Secure the end with an elastic or clip. Repeat with a section above your right ear, hold the end of that […]

Oct 1st, 2013Hair4 responses

low%2Btwist%2Band%2Bpin%2Bchignon%2Bhairstyle%2BcollageTHE TWIST & PIN CHIGNON

How to: Another great Twist & Pin variation! Take a section of hair and Twist & Pin into a little bun in the middle of your head. Do the left, then right buns at the top. Then with the remaining hair do two buns underneath. This can be pinned neatly but I like it a little messy […]

Sep 29th, 2013Hairno responses


How to: This is such a simple style. I have added a headband to the front but this isoptional. Brush your hair and if using a headband, place this in front. Make a very loose and large braid, starting approximately level withyour ears in the middle of your hair. Add in very large sections as […]

Sep 28th, 2013Hair5 responses


How to: Gently brush or pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure withan elastic. Have a few bobby pins at the ready and start by taking a small sectionof your ponytail and twisting it. Using the Twist&PIntechnique, twist it into a little knot shape at thebase of your ponytail and secure it […]

Sep 27th, 2013Hair4 responses
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