french_roll_twist1French Roll Twist and Pin Braid

THE FRENCH ROLL TWIST & PIN BRAID How to: 1. Start by brushing all your hair back. You can leave your fringe or bangs loose or include them in the style. Take a section of hair running from about your temple back and secure with an elastic. 2. Next take a section between your temple […]

fishtail_headband_braid1Fishtail Headband Braid

D AY 14 – THE FISHTAIL HEADBAND BRAID How to: 1. Start by brushing all your hair through and making a side part. 2. Clip your hair back and take a section of hair from behind your left ear. 3. Split the section into two and make a fishtail braid. Take a little section from […]

Oct 17th, 2013Hair4 responses

french_crown1French Crown Braid

THE FRENCH CROWN BRAID How to: 1. Start on top of your right ear and braid over your forehead all the way around to your left ear. 2. Split the section into three and French braid, adding in hair from both your hairline and from the crown behind. Tip: I like to sit this braid […]

Oct 15th, 2013Hair2 responses

polka_dot_pig_tails1The Polka Dot Pigtails

THE POLKA DOT PIGTAILS How to: I’ve used a large rectangular scarf for this style. If you have a square scarf, fold on the diagonal into about a two-inch wide piece to make this work. 1. Start by placing the scarf around the back of your neck, bringing it up like a headband. Twist it […]

Oct 15th, 2013Hair6 responses

the_double_dioganal_french_braid1The Double Diagonal Dutch Braids

THE DOUBLE DIAGONAL DUTCH BRAIDS How to: 1. Start by making a part from a deep side part on the right diagonally across the back of your head to the left side of your neck. Clip one section out of the way while you do the first braid. 2. Starting on the right side, take […]

Oct 14th, 2013Hair3 responses

the_crown_braid1The Crown Braid

THE CROWN BRAID How to: 1. Brush all your hair around forming a circle around the top of your head. Hopefully you won’t have too much hair sitting on your face, but this will make it easier to braid evenly around. 2. I like to start on the back right hand side as I find […]

Oct 14th, 2013Hair5 responses

scurve_braid1The S-Curve Braid

THE S-CURVE BRAID How to: This braid looks complicated, but it’s just a French braid with hair going in from one side. The trick is keeping the tension on the braid as you twist. 1. Start on the left hand side and take a section and split it into three. 2. Start to French braid […]

Oct 14th, 2013Hairone response

diy-curls1Diy curls using tin foil

Diy curls using tin foil

Oct 12th, 2013Hair26 responses

vintage-style1DIY Vintage Hairstyle

DIY Vintage Hairstyle

Oct 12th, 2013Hair4 responses

diy-watter-fall1DIY waterfall Braids

DIY waterfall Braids

Oct 12th, 2013Hair6 responses
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