4 strand ribbon braided updo with flower

4 strand ribbon braided updo with flower Watch the video below on how to create this lovely updo. Hope you enjoy xoxo

Apr 23rd, 2014Hair3 responses

Classic Elegance hairstyle

1. Begin by sectioning off BOTH sides of hair, starting by the ear all the way up to your center part, and clip away. 2. Tie up remaining hair in the back into a LOW ponytail. 3. Split ponytail into 2 pieces, for the purpose of this tutorial, we will call them the TOP half […]

Apr 6th, 2014Hair4 responses

DIY Hypercolor Hair

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS HERE Another Awesome Job from Makeup By April. Thank you so much April for allowing me to share your work. Here is the Steps April used to create that look Step 1- Apply the color by sandwiching your hair in between your fingers (or a cosmetic sponge) and the Hypercolor Powder […]

Jan 10th, 2014Hair11 responses

stylish-hair2Braided Style for Long Hair

First center part the hair from the front. Then start braiding from one side by taking hair in gaps and make a curved braid as shown from step 1 to 5. Secure the braid with a transparent rubber band. Repeat the same on the other side like in step 6. Then right in the middle […]

Dec 8th, 2013Hair38 responses

french1The French Fishtail Side Braid

THE FRENCH FISHTAIL SIDE BRAID             How to:             1. Make a deep side part in your hair on the right side.             2. Take a one inch section of hair upwards from your part and angle it toward your left ear.             3. Split the section into two and start to fishtail braid. Full […]

waterfall_twist2The Waterfall Twist

THE WATERFALL TWIST How to: This Waterfall Twist is a variation of the Waterfall Braid. Instead of three sections there are two sections from the front and the loose waterfall sections just travel between the two twisting pieces without combining with the actual braid at all. 1. Start by brushing all your hair through to […]

vintage1DIY Vintage hairstyle

french_side_twist_braid1The French Side Sweep Braid

D AY 12 – THE FRENCH SIDE SWEEP BRAID             How to:             1. Start by making a deep side part and brushing all your hair down so it’s smooth.             2. Take a one to two inch section on the right hand side and split it into three just level with your right ear. […]

double_waterfall1The Double Waterfall Braided Upstyle

THE DOUBLE WATERFALL BRAIDED UPSTYLE             How to:             1. This braid starts with a waterfall braid (see Day 2 for full instructions or             Braid Basics – the Waterfall Braid for full details).             2. Start by doing a waterfall braid from the left side horizontally across until you reach your part on the […]

loose_french1The Loose French Braid

THE LOOSE FRENCH BRAID How to: 1. This is a French braid that starts on your right temple and finishes at the nape of your neck on the left side. 2. Start by brushing all your hair back to remove any knots and making a side part on the right. 3. Take a section of […]

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