Beyonce new Roberto Cavalli campaign

Beyonce new Roberto Cavalli campaign

Last June 11 Beyoncé was seen wearing a beautiful multi-colored cut-out Roberto Cavalli gown with gold embellishments. Sounds like classic Beyoncé no? What shocked us all was not the beautiful gown but rather the Photoshopped super skinny version of Bey’s voluptuous curves. In the press release for … [Read more...]


Justin Bieber in a designer ski mask

Justin Bieber in a designer ski mask Hot or Not? … [Read more...]


Deported For being too SEXY??

Ladies, say hello to Omar Borkan Al Gala. Or just make whatever sound you can after being completely overwhelmed by his handsomeness (which we show in all its glory in the photos below). The Dubai-based actor, photographer and poet (SWOON!) was one of the three men who were deported from Saudi … [Read more...]

chanel stall

Chanel Flower Stall

Chanel have set up a pop-up flower stall in the heart of London's shopping district and it. Opening next Friday, March 8 - Sunday 10 (which is actually Mother's Day), Chanel will be creating hand-tied posies made up of their favourite flowers to give away when you buy any 100ml bottle of fragrance. … [Read more...]

6.69 heels

Walter Steiger 6.69 Inches Heels

Paris-based designer Walter Steiger defiantly know how to win a woman's heart. These heels sure can turn heads and also ankles. His new collection the Unicorn, which looks pretty scarey but for the heels lovers out there, this is right up their alley. The Walter Steiger Unicorn heels is 6.69 … [Read more...]

kim k

Kim Kardashian vs the Whale

VOTE BELOW I usually consider myself a nice person. Matter of fact, I was once pregnant myself. But my girl right here was asking for this wrath of onslaughts with her choice of maternity wear!!! I mean, really Kim K??? Black and white? Next you'll probably be wearing cow prints, right?! In the … [Read more...]


Michelle Obama sparkly belt from J. Crew

Michelle Obama sparkly belt from J. Crew! I love the First lady Outfit for the Inauguration! I have been searching all over to see if i can get a similar design. So here is what i have come up with.CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama Inauguration Dress 2013

Michelle obama inauguration dress 2013



Get the celeb look

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Vanessa Mooney and Kitsy lane

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL COLLECTION FROM the Hollywood rebel! … [Read more...]