Trendy Style

Short trendy hairstyles are in this summer. There are those bashful bob trendy hairstyles that people can always look for and consider as a fun way to go especially during summer. Who can forget Angular bobs that worked out so well with celebrities like Victoria Beckham? With the versatility that comes within these short trendy […]

Summer styles 2014

If you have medium length to long hair, you will be happy to know that the ponytail is still an extremely popular look for summer this year. Aside from a bob hairstyle, you cannot choose a much simpler way to style your hair than with a ponytail. With the wide assortment of colorful ponytail holders […]

Summer Neons, Hawaiian Tropical Print Nail Design

Summer Neons, Hawaiian Tropical Print Nail Design Items used: Makeup sponge & thin detailing nailart brush Polishes: Basecoat Ultra Nina Pro-basecoat/ridgefiller # 17 Neon Green # 113 Sea Ice #16 Neon Purple #20 Neon Pink # 19 Neon Orange Topcoat: Seche Vite Acrylic Paint-Americana-Snow White

Flower designs

Colors: When it comes to choosing shades for work, it is important to gloss your nails in sleek yet conservative shades that show that you truly mean business. Add a pop of color to January business meetings with shades such as coral or blush, and you can also wear grey, silver, pewter nail colours when […]

Amazing water marble nail art

Amazing water marble nail art! Water marble nail art requires clean water, nail lacquers for free-dropping, and a stick for drawing patterns. Before patterns are created, the nails should be matte to provide contrast and maintain an even look. Lacquer colors are dropped in the circle created by the previous drop. The colors separate from […]

DIY Sneakers nail art

There are a number of nail art products available in the market. Number of producers of the art products, and so choose the best nail art products in the brand. You must be prepared to spend lots of time to do thorough research on different brands that are available in the market before choosing the […]

DIY Cute Braided Bun with Ribbon Hairstyle

DIY Cute Braided Bun with Ribbon Hairstyle A woman can color her hair anytime, but when you begin to gray it is the time to really decide. Some women confidently choose to go gray, and that’s fine but too many women, confused, perhaps by so many color options, simply do nothing, let the gray take […]

DIY Beautiful Braided Hairstyle

Prebonded or bonded extensions are the longest lasting hair extensions, even if we are talking about hair extensions for fine hair. This is because the grip that the keratin holds against the natural hair is by any other method. That is why keratin glue methods have been used for years and although the techniques and […]

Braided Bun for all ages

Black natural hair is beautiful, especially when it is well cared for. Here are a few tips natural hair tips: Wash, Moisturize, Oil. Your hair is an extension of your body, and needs as much care as any other part of you does. In the same way that you wash, moisturize and care for your […]

Summer hairstyle for long hair

As women, we all like our hair, but we just can’t spend one hour on our hair every single morning. Lots of us look for new easy hair styles. A short hairstyle is easily manageable and taken care of. Additionally, it appears to be trendy and in vogue. The short hairstyles can be done easily […]

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