Jul 24th, 2014

About Me

Kitsy lane My name is Hyacinthia and i am An Independent Consultant and  Boutique Owner with Kitsy Lane.  Now you must be wondering what’s this Kitsy Lane and what’s it all about? Well the reviews are in.  So, let us clear the air and tell you what Kitsy Lane is.. Its  none other than an online social-commerce platform which enables people, including boutique owners like myself  and even celebrities to open their own boutique consisting of jewelry and other fashion accessories and display them to the whole world while they are at home and make money by selling them online. It is a highly innovative and useful platform for the people who are willing to work in their desired and specific time and place. If you love Social media then this is for you!!

It works very efficiently and effectively for the people who want to work from home as now they can customize their store quite easily and can decide on the items which they want to sell and earning commission from each Sale! Even Self sale!! How Awesome is that!! DID I SAY IT WAS 100% FREE?? OH YES IT IS!!!!

No monthly charges, no starter kit, no inventory to manage, nothing. Hence, now the real housewife of Atlanta Sheree can flaunt her business online and grow a very high and reliable customer base. Now, the latest She by Sheree collection can be presented and purchased over this website as well.



This is a Sneakpeek of some of the items that are available in my store! It can Be yours TOO!!