peachPeach Glitter

Peach Glitter Peach is one of the trending colors this summer. With this ensemble you can incorporate this cheerful color to your outfit and with just a touch of glitter. This “Peach” Innamorato Top will be the base of your outfit. It is made of 100 silk and has a pleated detailing. Own it now […]

hot_pinkHot Pink

Hot Pink Be decked out in pink and dress up like Elle Woods, this outfit is perfect for any formal events like afternoon tea parties with the ‘rents. This Hot Pink L’Agence Drape Front Dress from is perfect! It’s sleeveless and has a draped front design with a front slit and the best part […]

braided-hairstlesDIY tree braid cornrows

tree braid cornrows Cornrows is perhaps one of the most popular types of African American Hair Braiding Styles. It is a traditional style of hair grooming which requires that the hair is tightly braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row. Cornrows can be formed, as […]

DIY Butterfly manicure

Summer was vibrant with the French manicure and buzzing bold nail polish colors. As the fall transitioned, so did the tone glazes and nail art designs such as Minx. But for this winter season, the nail art trend is all about new techniques and a whole lot of party nail designs. The first and only […]

Simple flower Nail Designs

Simple flower Nail Designs Organic Manicure and Pedicure is not a very old term in skin care. Most of the manicure and pedicure products such as nail polish, cuticle softener, shiners etc. are made from chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene and dibutayl phthalate. These chemicals damage our skin and nail bed both internally and externally. Though […]

DIY Music nails

Musical Nails: These designs look rather cool on your nails, to try out these ideas paint a white color base coat with your nails. Then make use of black paint color, and pull shapes of clefs, half notes, quaver, flats, etc. using the nail art brush. Nails are an fundamental section of our entire seem, […]

Beautiful nails design

Age is quickly defied on hands. Unlike other parts of the body like face hands age very quickly. But a regular manicure will keep nails tidy and hands clean. Each feature of hand is treated separately like specific nail type. Cuticles are cared with creams and oils. The importance of manicures is not only about […]

Pink Flower and Dot Nails

Lancome Pink Flower and Dot Nails Nails that have been well taken care of can look really good. However, if you really want to stand out from the crowd you may need more than just well-manicured nails. Try wearing an outfit that is exotic looking such as womens kurta tops from India. These are elegant […]

DIY side twist

Now, the tresses have gone out of vogue. No one has knee length hair these days. Although women still desire this hair do, they don’t have much time for maintaining it. This has made them adopt short hairstyles. Women who have adopted such short hairstyles are Cameron Diaz and Meg Ryan. They are casual hairstyles, […]

DIY Elegant Bun

Women have always wanted to look stylish. Its quite true that since the last so many years, there has been a huge revolution in the hairstyles adopted by them. The hairstyle adopted by any woman should be in accordance with the time she can take out for the maintenance of her hair. Short hair requires […]

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